Fuel and Repairs

Q:  What if I am using a Motor Pool vehicle in the Stillwater area and need fuel or vehicle services?
A:  To obtain the fuel and services at Transportation Services only. The hours of operation are sufficient to meet most service needs. Do not buy from a local outlet. Having the vehicle serviced at Transportation Services also allows the staff to make service inspections.  When operating a University vehicle in the Stillwater area, purchases of fuel, services, and other automotive supplies must be made from Transportation Services. Fuel is available from Transportation Services 24 hours daily by means of a fleet fuel card and automated fuel dispensing equipment. Exception can be made for emergency services and automotive supplies on University holidays and Sundays. OSU Policy and Procedure for 3-0160

Q:  How do I pay for gasoline when using a Motor Pool vehicle?
A:  You will be issued a fuel credit card. It is in the packet attached to the vehicle key along with instructions on how to use it. If the fuel credit card doesn’t work and you have to personally pay for any fuel or service, you must keep the original receipt in order to be reimbursed. Please notify the Motor Pool if a fuel card has been rejected. We will then need to fax you the form required for reimbursement. You will need to fill this out as well as attach the original receipt. All receipts need to show the vehicle number along with the tag number. Once completed, please return the form and receipt back to the Motor Pool staff and they will process your reimbursement. Reimbursement normally takes four to five days.

Q:  "What if the vehicle has need of mechanical repair during my trip?
A:  If repairs are needed while traveling with a Transportation Services' vehicle, the following policy should be strictly adhered to:

  • Minor Repair - Items such as belts, hoses, flat tires, etc., are easily replaced by any competent full-service station and may be purchased with a University credit card. Upon return to campus, contact the Manager, Transportation Services' to inform him of such vehicle repairs. If for some reason the driver must personally pay for the repair, reimbursement will be made upon presentation of receipt. The receipt must have the vehicle number, tag number and odometer reading on the copy turned in for reimbursement.
  • Major repair - There may be incidents that require major repair and/or render the vehicle unsafe or inoperative, such as engine, electrical, transmission, brakes, steering, etc., problems. In this event, the driver should follow the instructions in the emergency procedures policy letter located in an envelope in the glove-box or door side pocket of each Transportation Services' vehicle. Under NO circumstances should the driver abandon a Transportation Services' vehicle without being given explicit permission to do so.

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