Online Bicycle Registration

Conveniently register your bicycle online beginning in May each year.  Either pick up your permit at the Parking Office free of charge or have it mailed directly to your address for a shipping and handling fee of $4.00. Please bring your OSU student/employee ID if selecting in-house pick up.

Prior to registering your bicycle, you are required to review a safety guideline tutorial and take a Bike Safety Quiz. Once you have completed the quiz, you may register your bicycle through our permit purchasing process at

Bicycle permits are not transferable. If the bicycle is sold/gifted remove current and/or previous bicycle permits and contact Parking Services to remove ownership from your account. You will be considered responsible for the bicycle if your permit remains on the bicycle.

Bicycle registration is mandatory.

More information about rules and regulation on bikes is available here.

Here’s what you will need to view the tutorial, to complete the quiz and to register your bicycle:

  • Your student ID /Employee ID (CWID)
  • The make, model and color of your bicycle
  • The serial number from your bicycle.

Most commonly the serial number is located below the hub where your pedals turn. This number is unique and engraved on your bicycle. It can also be along the support bar next to the chain or at the front of your bike near the handle bars (refer to picture of common locations). If your bicycle does not have a serial number, we can engrave a unique number for you using your CWID in our OrangeRide bicycle shop (8am to 5pm M-F).

Bicycle Serial Number Diagram

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