Bicycle Registration and Parking

This is a friendly reminder for everyone to remember to take their bicycles home when leaving campus.

  1. Please remember to take your bicycles home when leaving campus. If you are graduating and can not take your bicycle, you can donate it by contacting OSU Parking Services.
  2. Unregistered bikes left on campus are subject to being impounded.

Bicycle Registration is MANDATORY. Bicycles may be parked at approved bicycle racks only.

Parking bicycles at light poles, fence/sign posts, stairwells, shrubs, trees, etc. is prohibited. Any bicycle (registered or unregistered) that is incorrectly parked may be impounded by the OSU Parking and Transit Services office and a citation will be issued at the time of release. (Residential Life and University Apartments allow parking inside University Housing with approval of housing officials.)

Abandoned bicycles will be picked up and impounded at regular intervals. Bicycles may be considered abandoned if they are not moved or relocated within a 30-day period, and/or are not in a reasonable operable condition. Additionally, all bicycles must be removed from Residence Hall bike racks on the last day of the spring semester when the student moves out. Bicycles that are left will be impounded and treated as abandoned property and may be disposed of according to law. The University shall not be liable to the owner of any securing device or the owner of the bicycle for the cost of repair or replacement of the device that is removed during the impound. The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any bicycle, attached accessories, or contents at any time the bicycle is operated or parked on campus.

Gopeds, scooters, Segways, and other motorized vehicles not legally permitted on public streets are required to be registered without charge at the OSU Parking Office. These vehicles may be parked at approved bicycle racks only. Parking these vehicles at light poles, fence/sign posts, stairwells, shrubs, trees, etc, is prohibited. The OSU Parking and Transit Services Office may impound any Goped, scooter, Segway, or other motorized vehicle not legally permitted on a public street that is incorrectly parked and a citation will be issued at the time of release.

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