General Parking Questions and answers

A print version of Parking Quick Reference Guide is available for download.

Q: Where do I park when I need to come into the Parking office?
A: When you need to visit Parking Services, you may park in the MMTT visitor parking along Scott Street, enter the Multi-Modal building on the east or west side. Additional spaces are located in lot 26 at the corner of Hall of Fame and Washington. Metered spaces are available at the Monroe Street Parking garage.

Q: Do you oversell your parking permits?
A: Yes, we have an abundance of parking and student parking has a great turnover ratio. The turnover ratio is approximately 1.5 to 2.5 the number of spaces in student lots.

Q: My car is broken down on campus and I do not have a permit. I plan on getting it moved soon, will I get a ticket?
A: Disabled vehicles must be reported immediately to OSU Parking 405-744-6525 or OSU Police 405-744-6523 for verification.  Temporary parking arrangements, up to 24 hours, may be approved for such vehicles parked safely within student lots or overflow lots.  Vehicles in staff or faculty lots must be removed by 7:00 am the following business day.  Failure to move the vehicle by the given times may result in fines and/or the vehicle being towed. We can also assist in jumping your battery and OSU PD can assist with if you lock you keys in your vehicle. 

Q: How do I file a complaint on a Parking Enforcement Officer?

A: Call 405-744-6525 or stop by the Multi-Modal Transportation building as soon as possible.

Q: I thought that I could park ANYWHERE after 5pm and on the weekends, so why did I get a handicap, meter, reserved, loading zone citation?
A: Parking rules are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  However, regular surface  RH, SZ, GZ, SF and FA lots do not require a permit  after 5pm and before 5am Monday thru Friday.  Permits in these areas are not required starting at 5pm Friday thru 5am Monday.  Meter parking at the Colvin, lots 80 & 73 and staff parking 80A are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lot 25 by the Classroom Building is enforced 24/7 as all spaces are handicapped or reserved parking. Also, Bennett Hall orange zone parking is restricted to OZ permits only  - during any athletic or special event, regardless of time or day of the week.


Q: I’m a student employee; can I get a staff permit?
A: Permit types are determined by your position number with the university. Typically if you are taking class and not working full time, then you don’t qualify for a staff permit. Any special requests require a letter from your department head and have to be approved by Parking Services.

Q: I only need my permit for one semester; do I have to pay for a full year?
A: When you get your permit you are charged for the full year, however, you may return it for a pro-rated refund when you no longer need it. This refund will be applied to your bursar account. We do not give refunds after April 30th.

Q: If I leave campus, can I give my permit to a friend to use?
A: No, permits are not transferable. If you give, sell or otherwise transfer ownership you will be guilty of wrongful use of a permit and will be fined $50.00 plus forfeiture of your parking privileges.

Q: Can I pick up my permit in the office instead of having it mailed to me?
A: All permit sales are online with the exception of registration, carpooling, university vehicle, vendor, wellness visitor, and permanently affixed. If you don’t have a local address at the time of your purchase you can have the permit shipped to Parking Services at 1006 West Hall of Fame.

Q: How do I obtain a temporary handicap permit?
A: Bring a photo ID, note from your doctor stating that you need temporary handicap parking and for how long. You must have a valid OSU permit for the school year to be eligible for a free temporary handicap parking permit; otherwise, you may purchase one at the rate of $3/day, $9/week or $27/4 weeks. 

Q: Can I use a State of Oklahoma issued handicap placard on campus?
A: If you have an Oklahoma state-issued placard, you will need to visit Parking Services to obtain an OSU handicap permit BEFORE parking on campus.

Q: Do I have to have a permit to park in overflow?
A: Yes- overflow simply means that any type permit may park in that lot (with the exception of lot restrictive permits). 

Q: I drive two different vehicles often and it’s inconvenient for me to switch my permit every day, can I get two permits?
A: No, only one permit per student/employee. If you forget to switch your permit you may pick up a temporary permit at the Parking office for that day.

Q: What do I do if I lost my permit? Why do I have to buy a new permit if I lost mine?
A: If you lost your parking permit, you MUST come to the parking office to report it immediately. The lost permit will be deactivated and the cost for a replacement permit is $10.

Q: What if I reported my permit lost and later find the permit can I use it?
A: No, you must return it to the OSU Parking office. If you accidentally or intentionally use the permit to park on campus you will be guilty of wrongful use of a permit and will be fined $50.00.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my permit for the day?
A: If you forget your parking permit for the day, you may visit Parking Services to obtain a temporary permit. You must have a photo ID and license plate number to obtain a temporary permit.

Q: Why do I have to pay an “exchange fee” if I move to a different zone of residential life?
A: To cover the cost of the new permit.

Q: Can I share my permit with friends?
A: Parking permits are linked to individuals and may not be shared. If you are planning to carpool with other individuals, you may apply for a carpool permit at Parking Services.

Vehicle Information

Q: When adding my vehicle information online it asks for my “plate type”, what is this?
A: This is only used for vehicles registered in Kansas, which require a county code. If you are not from Kansas choose the ‘n/a’ option.

Q: How can I remove old vehicles from my parking account?
A: The online parking system will not allow you to remove an old vehicle from your account. You may notify Parking Services if you no longer own a vehicle listed on your account and the vehicle (s) will be deactivated.

Q: If I get a new vehicle, can I put my parking permit from my old vehicle on it?
A: Transferable (cling) parking permits are linked to the individual and may be easily transferred between vehicles that you may be driving. Update your new vehicle information at click on “Manage My Account”.

Visitor Parking

Q: My friend is coming to visit me, how can they park on campus without getting a ticket?
A: Visitors can obtain a permit to park on campus at the OSU Parking office located at 1006 West Hall of Fame, 7:30am – 5:30pm, M-F or park at a meter. To obtain a visitor permit please have your photo ID and your license plate number. Hourly parking is available at the Monroe Street Parking Garage or the Student Union Parking Garage.

Q: Do all visitors have to register at the Parking office?
A: To obtain a visitor permit visit the Parking office between the hours of 7:30am – 5pm, M-F, or park at a meter. A visitor permit does not allow free parking at a meter.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a visitor permit for someone coming to visit me, even if I have their information?
A: No, we require all visitors to appear in person with a valid driver’s license.

Q: Where does a visitor permit allow me to park?
A: Any legal parking space in the lot designated on the permit. A visitor permit does not allow free parking at a meter.


Q: Where do I pay my tickets?
A: Citations may be paid at the parking office via cash, check or credit card. Citations may also be paid online, within 14 days from the issued date, at the parking website. On the 15th day, unpaid citations will have their balance transfered to the bursar. Information for paying citations at the bursar can be found at

Q: How can I dispute a citation?

A: Most appeals can be made online at our webpage. Visitors who wish to appeal a citation must create a guest account on the website or visit the Parking office to obtain a written appeal form. Citations must be appealed within 14 days of the citation issue date or they will no longer be appealable. Expired/failed meter, boot/impound, and tow citations are not appealable. All appeals are handled by an external judge and are not handled by Parking Services. 

Q: I’ve paid my citations, why are you booting my vehicle?
A: The purpose of writing citations are to correct parking behavior. When you continue to receive citations the penalty for them increases throughout he semester. Here is our escalation policy: The first four citations issued in an academic year (Fall and Spring Semester) will be issued at face value; Customers exceeding 4 citations in the academic year will be considered “habitual offenders” and will incur additional charges and/or actions: Citation five (5) and six (6) will increase $50. Citations seven (7) through nine (9) will increase $75 and may be booted. A person issued ten (10) or more citations will incur a fine increase of $75 and their vehicle will be towed. Summer, between Spring graduation and August 1st, will accumulate separately. 

Q: I feel like my vehicle was the only one cited, why is that?
A: It may appear as if you were the only one cited; however, numerous factors could play a part in your situation. You are more than welcome to visit the Parking office to discuss your situation with a supervisor.

Q: I’ve parked in the wrong zone, handicap space or reserved space before, why didn’t I get a ticket?
A: Parking enforcement is randomly monitored, and not receiving a citation in the past does not make it allowable.


Q: Why do I need to register my bicycle?
A: Bicycle registration is required and helpful if a bicycle is lost or stolen. At the end of each school year abandoned bicycles are impounded, and bicycle registration prevents an active bicycle from being considered abandoned.

Q: I think my bike was stolen, what do I do?
A: Contact Parking Services to verify we have not impounded your bike, from there you may need to contact the OSU Police Department.

Q: How do I get a bicycle permit?
Please view the Bicycle Safety and Registration page for more details.


Q: Can a staff member and a student carpool together?
A: No, each will need to purchase their respective designated permits.

Meter Parking

Q: My meter was only expired for two minutes, can I appeal this citation?
A: Meter tickets are not appealable.

Q: Why don’t meter tickets count as first time visitor tickets?
A: Parking meters are placed as a matter of convenience and must be paid whether a first time visitor or not.

Q: I've paid the wrong space number at my meter (colvin center or garage) and got a citation. Can I appeal this or bring to Parking Servicies?

A: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to enter correct information at pay stations.  Citations resulting from customer entry errors, or failure to pay for correct parking spaces, will not be canceled or refund given.

Q: I tried to pay a meter but the slot was jammed with coins and/or the credit card reader would not work. Can I still park at that meter?

A: It is best to find another meter and report the meter that is broken (744-6525). Parking at a failed meter is prohibited and resulting citations are non-appealable.

Garage Parking

Q: Can I park in a garage overnight?
A: Overnight parking is NOT allowed in Monroe garage. This garage must be cleared each evening. Overnight parking IS allowed in Wentz and 4th Ave garages. 4th Ave garage must be cleared out for certain special events (including home football games and walkaround). Event permits to stay in the garage may be available for purchase. All home football games permits can be purchased online through our website. 

Q: Can I park my vehicle in garages during inclement weather?
A: Yes, if you have a garage permit. Still yes if you do not but you are limited to the metered spaces located on level one. Citations may be issued for parking after hours without the proper permit. 

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