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Disablity parking

Disability parking is provided at designated disability parking spaces or any regular space in a surface parking lot. Disability parking in a garage requires a garage disability permit for that particular garage. OSU Disability permits are available to eligible students, staff, and faculty on a yearly or temporary basis. Disability spaces are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Any unauthorized vehicle parked in a space designated for disability parking is subject to fine and may be immediately towed from campus at the expense of the vehicle owner.

In order to qualify for the annual OSU Disability permit, you must have a state issued disability placard. It must be registered with OSU Parking prior to parking on campus. Students, staff, and faculty may bring the permit into our office or e-mail us at The state issued disability permit will be verified and a copy kept on file. Visitors and vendors to campus may bring their disability placard with them when purchasing their permit to park on campus. If your placard expires, please update it with us to keep your status current.

Temporary disability permits will be issued to persons with a short-term medical disability in order to allow more convenient parking than otherwise afforded by their regular permit. OSU Parking can issue temporary disability permits, as prescribed by a doctor, for 6 weeks or less. Temporary disability permits in excess of 6 weeks will require a state issued temporary disability placard for verification. With an OSU paid permit, temporary disability permits are free of charge. If you do not have an OSU paid permit, you may choose to purchase a yearly one or use our weekly ($9) or monthly ($27) rates to purchase the permit.


Both annual and temporary disability permits are for the absolute and specific use of the permit holder only. Visitors having a state disability placard, as for all visitors to the OSU campus, are required to obtain a visitor permit when parking on campus. All disability permits are valid in any disability parking space or non-reserved surface lot space. Garage parking is prohibited unless you have paid for a garage permit. Metered spaces must still be paid. All signage must be obeyed, such as reserved spaces, loading zone areas, etc.


Notice from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety website:


Any person who knowingly makes or allows unauthorized use of an Oklahoma Department of Public Safety physical disability parking placard, is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of $500.

Please visit their FAQ section with more questions regarding Oklahoma state disability placards:

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