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Parking and Transportation Services

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Transit FAQ


  • How much does The Bus cost?
    • OSU Students, Faculty and Staff: Free with presentation of valid OSU ID

    • General Public:  75 Cents

    • Child (5 years and younger): Free with Paid Passenger

    • Child / Young Adult(Age 5 TO 18):  35 Cents

    • Persons with Medicare Card (Sooner Care Does not Qualify):  35 Cents



  • Can I flag down the bus if I am not near a stop?

    Flag downs are available for OFF CAMPUS routes, as long as they are in a safe area for the bus to be boarded. Stand far enough away so that The Bus can completely clear the intersection, in a safe area, and wave to help indicate you want to ride.These may be denied if it is unsafe to stop or board, (Street detours, hazards such as slippery conditions, high traffic areas, medians, and construction that would prevent the passenger from boarding safely.) In these cases, the driver may direct passengers to the nearest posted stop for safe boarding. DUE TO HIGH TRAFFIC VOLUMES, NO FLAG DOWNS ARE AVAILABLE ON PERKINS ROAD. Have payment ready when boarding the bus. Exact change is required.

  • How do I best prepare to ride The Bus?

    Know where you are traveling and plan your trip in advance in order to catch the bus as well as any connecting bus in plenty of time.  Ask the driver or contact the office at (405) 744-2832 for assistance.

  • How early should I arrive to The Bus stop?

    5-10 minutes prior to the estimated bus departure time because these times are approximates.

  • How do I request a stop?
    The bus does not automatically stop at every stop. The yellow cord on the bus should be pulled to notify the driver in advance that you want off at the next stop.
  • What do I do with all of my luggage?

    Packages, groceries, and all loose items must remain in the passengers’ control at all times and should not be in the way of other passengers. Strollers, walking aids, and empty carts must be collapsed and out of the aisle. When traveling with a stroller, children must be removed, the stroller folded up and placed under the seat.

  • What if I need more than one bus to get to my destination? Can I transfer buses?

    Transfers can be requested at the time fare is paid for the purpose of completing a one-way trip. They will only be issued and accepted at the Student Union or the Multi-Modal Transfer Terminal (MMTT). Transfers are valid for use within 2 hours of receipt on any route except the route from which it was issued (if you receive a transfer on gray it cannot be used to return on gray.)

  • How do I ride on the bus safely?
    Use caution when boarding the bus. Be sure the driver is able to see you. Remain seated until the bus comes to a stop, exit using the rear doors, and do not cross in front of the bus.
  • What if I am disabled? Can The Bus work for me?
    Every bus in our fleet is wheelchair accessible.  For individuals with greater needs, Paratransit Services/THE RAMP door to door services are available for qualified applicants. For more information on services and eligibility, call (405) 744-2832 or (405) 744-7116
  • Can I bring my service animal on The Bus, The Ramp, or The BOB?
    Animals are not permitted on the Transit Buses unless they are secured in an approved pet carrier. Service animals, as defined by current Federal Transit Administration Regulations, are permitted. Service dogs must remain under control of the owner at all times. Service animals must remain on the floor without blocking the aisle or on their owner's lap. For more information, please refer to
  • Can I access bus routes GTFS data?


Paratransit FAQ


  • What is the service schedule?
    • 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. during the Fall and Spring semesters.
    • 6:30a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during summer sessions and when operating reduced fixed route service.
    • Please note that no trip will begin before 6:30 a.m. and no trip will begin later than 30 minutes prior to regularly scheduled end of service.
    • No Weekend Service
  • Does paratransit operate on holidays?

    The BUS Paratransit service operates the same days as fixed route bus service. No service is provided on the following holidays:

    •     New Year's Day (January 1)
    •     Martin Luther King Day (third Monday in January)
    •     Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
    •     Independence Day (July 4)
    •     Labor Day (first Monday in September)
    •     Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)
    •     Friday following Thanksgiving
    •     Christmas Eve (December 24)
    •     Christmas Day (December 25)
  • How much does paratransit cost?
    •     One-Way Trip (Paratransit) $1.50
    •     Regular Trip (Fixed Route) Fare Free with Valid OSU Paratransit ID Card
    •     Companion/Guest Same As Customer
    •     Children No Charge (5 and Under)
    •     PCA/Escort No Charge (Lift card must designate that customer requires a PCA.)
  • What are the criteria for eligibility?

    ADA Paratransit eligible individuals are:

    Individuals who cannot independently board, ride, or disembark a fixed route accessible (lift-equipped) vehicle. This includes persons who cannot determine where to get on or off a fixed route.

    Individuals with a specific impairment related condition which prevents them from getting to or from a boarding location or disembarking from such location.

  • How do I apply?

    1. Call 744-7116 or 744-2832 (voice/tdd) to obtain an application form. You may also download the ADA Application Form or pick one up from the OSU Parking and Transportation Services office located in the Multi-Modal Transportation Terminal at 1006 W. Hall of Fame Ave.

    2.  Read the instructions and fill out every question to the best of your ability.

    3. Send the completed application to:
        Oklahoma State University
        Student Disability Services/ADA Compliance
        315 Student Union
        Stillwater, OK 74078>

  • What is the application process?

    The OSU Student Disability Services Office determines eligibility for Paratransit services utilizing the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. An individual must complete an application and return it to this office. The interview process may include a physical or cognitive assessment by a mobility counselor.


    Eligibility determinations will be made on an individual basis. There are three types of eligibility:


    1. Unconditional eligibility – an individual is eligible for Paratransit service, and may use the service without restriction

    2. Conditional eligibility – an individual is eligible for Paratransit service under certain conditions, and may be limited for service by those restrictions (i.e. eligible during high temperature conditions, traffic conditions, etc.).

    3. Transitional eligibility – an individual is eligible for Paratransit service on a temporary basis, such as while recuperating after a surgery. The length of time varies depending on medical necessity.


    Applicants will be notified of their eligibility determinations upon completion of the application process. If you have any questions, call the OSU Student Disability Services Office at 744-7116 (v/t).

  • How do I schedule a ride?

    Reservations can be made between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Mondays thru Fridays. Reservations may be made up to seven (7) days in advance, but no later than the previous day before 5:00 p.m. There are no transportation services on weekends.


    If you are traveling to an appointment, be sure to tell the Customer Service Representative what time you must arrive at your destination. Then a correct pick-up time can be determined. All service is “shared ride”; your total travel time will allow time for others to board and ride in the same vehicle. Your Paratransit ride will take approximately the same amount of time a similar trip on the fixed route bus would take, and may not follow a direct route between your pick up and drop off locations.


    If you have multiple trips on the same day , they need to be scheduled at least ninety minutes apart . This will allow for travel time and the utilization of the 30-minute window. This policy is in place to prevent the return trip from arriving before the original trip has been completed.


    Occasionally we may need to ask a customer to change the requested pick up time in order to accommodate their request for a reservation. The ADA allows the transit to negotiate a revised pick up with you that may be up to one hour before or after your requested pick up time.


    Example: If you request a pick-up time of 9:00 a.m., the negotiated time would be one hour before or after that time. Negotiating pick-up times with customers gives a better estimated arrival time.


    Be sure to phone The BUS office if you need to change your pick-up time.

  • What is "curb to curb service"?

    “The Bus” provides door-to-door service comparable to the fixed route; customers must be ready and waiting at their pick-up or drop-off location. Lift drivers are not allowed to enter the customer's home or drop-off locations, nor are they allowed to take wheelchairs up, down stairs, or to/through doors.


    “The Bus” operates within a 30-minute pick-up window. The window begins fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time and ends fifteen (15) minutes after. Drivers are allowed to wait only 5 minutes for the customer to board the service vehicle, so it is very important for the customer to be ready and waiting at the beginning of the pick-up window.


    Example: If a customer has a 12:00 p.m. pick-up, the driver can arrive as early as 11:45 a.m. and as late as 12:15 p.m. and be considered on time. If the driver arrives at 11:45, they will wait until 11:50, if they arrive at 12:15, they will wait until 12:20 p.m. If the customer does not board the service vehicle within five (5) minutes, the driver will call in a no-show and proceed to the next destination. The driver would be on time and this would be considered a valid no-show.


    In order for the driver to easily locate them, customers must be waiting at the sidewalk or at another safe waiting area in front of or as close as possible to the entrance of the pick-up location. Please tell the Customer Service Representative exactly where you will be waiting for the vehicle when scheduling your transportation. We do not advocate unsafe practices such as backing up and our drivers have been directed to avoid these types of situations. Due to the weight of our lift vehicles, drivers are not allowed to pull into the private drives of our customers.


    Customers who cannot travel independently, or enter/exit a facility need to be accompanied by a Personal Care Attendant (PCA.) This service is not provided by OSU-Stillwater Community Transit and is the responsibility of the customer. Escorts travel free with the customer but must be picked up and dropped off at the same location as the customer. If the customer intends to have a PCA accompany them, they must inform the Customer Service Representative when the transportation is scheduled to guarantee space on the vehicle.

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